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Fruta Brutal's New Single


Madre Serpiente


Photo credit: Taylor Tuke

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Photo credit: Andres Better

Fruta Brutal emerged as the result of Martín Better Longo's search for a musical identity as an Ecuadorian who immigrated to the U.S. at a young age. During his college years, spent in the bustling music scene of New Orleans and extensively traveling through South America, Martín was exposed to music that would inspire his bilingual, Indie Latin Rock Pop repertoire as well as the artistic name, Fruta Brutal.

A tribute to musical movements that emerge in response to times of authoritarian oppression, the name "Fruta Brutal" calls to mind cultural fruits that ripen under brutal conditions, emblematic of the resiliency of Tropicália movement in Brazil and the rock movement in Argentina, among others.

Since moving to Denver, Colorado, in 2020, Martín has been working on Fruta Brutal's debut album with Grammy Award winner and New Orleans based producer, Mack Major.

The debut album, along with the upcoming singles from the album, Digitality (July 29, 2022) and Cultura Vampira (August 26, 2022), will be released with Soundbreaker Records. 

Fruta Brutal performs as a quartet with Leo Muñoz, from Los Jaguares, on percussion, Matt Cantor on bass, Michel Stahli on drums, and songwriter, Martín Better Longo, on guitar and lead vocals. 

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